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Will the Sovereign Nations of Europe understand and act to realize the Benefits of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 2020? WHEN: June 11, 2020 (9AM – 12PM) WHERE: ZOOM LANGUAGE: ENGLISH.

With the spread of the coronavirus (COVID 19), a pandemic affecting every nation on this planet, it has become clear that cooperation among nations, at the highest levels, is necessary, for the future well-being and existence of humanity.

Strong and adequate infrastructure, whether in the form of transport, power and water supplies, or infrastructure in the form of health care, hospitals, medical equipment, and scientific research and education, are key components of mankind’s ability to overcome this threat. In fact, the combination of globally well developed, basic infrastructure, together with health care infrastructure is now, a historical necessity for humanity to successfully win the fight for a bright future against this worldwide pandemic.

Since the Belt and Road Initiative was launched by China’s President Xi Jinping in 2013, more than 125 nations worldwide have signed on to cooperate and participate. Approximately, 70 nations in Asia, 40 of 55 nations in Africa, and 22 nations in Europe have joined this initiative to build and modernize infrastructure, enhance trade and economic cooperation, and contribute to eliminate poverty globally.

 The BRI goes far beyond the Marshal Plan, or any other initiative taken since WWII. In fact, it is totally unique in the history of mankind as a global project for development and connectivity. It is gaining steam in nearly all of Asia, the whole of Africa, and many nations of Europe, and yet some people continue to fear it and China as a grave strategic threat. The confusion created by unwarranted criticisms of the BRI and unfounded attacks on China, especially now, in light of the COVID 19 pandemic, is meant to prevent further successful cooperation and implementation between Europe and China together, along the lines of the BRI.

This tactic will be very costly, in terms of trade and economic growth, for the nations of Europe, as well as the nations of Asia and Africa. The additional risk of increasing conflict and even a new cold war is to no one’s benefit. Yet, with the rise of China, as a global economic power, an increase of tension and mistrust is accelerating in the west.

The future orientation of world-wide cooperation through the BRI, or as China’s President Xi Jinping, expressed it, “a shared community for the future of mankind.”, should not be jeopardized by a combination of disinformation and ignorance. It is rather, in the fundamental interests of Europe and China, and even beyond, including especially American and Russian interests, to work together to fulfil the objectives of the BRI. The case of the Chinese company Huawei is being used, as an example to raise security questions, as a motivating factor in preventing such long-term cooperation. By mixing security and defence issues with economic cooperation, the threat of stopping BRI cooperation is clearly at risk. The EU, in March of 2019, even changed its position on China, from an economic partner to instead, an economic rival.

Although there exist obvious cultural, historical and even ideological differences, between east and west, they need not, and should not, destroy the bridge between the two, which is being built and strengthened through the BRI. A shared community for the future of mankind, will not evolve, if a strategy to increase tension and conflict is allowed to ignite suspicion and fear. Suspicion and fear can even lead to a new cold war or worse when what is needed is trust and cooperation among nations. This is what the BRI is actually offering the world.

BRIX has a unique responsibility to address these important questions and set the record straight. We welcome all participants from the national government, diplomats, businesses and companies, academics and students, and interested citizens, to participate in this seminar for dialogue, and constructive debate. There will be open panel discussions, in both the morning and afternoon sessions to handle questions and comments.


Admission is free of charge. However, pre-registration is required. Please contact us if you are interested in attending or participating. For more information, please contact Mr. Stephen Brawer: stephen.brawer@brixsweden.org Telephone: 070 542 9266

For access to the Zoom conference room, send a message to: info@brixsweden.org


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